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Let Us Bring the Farm to You.

Atlantic Beach Urban Farms sells tower gardens to individuals and organizations who would like to grow their own food. Aeroponics allows you to grow, harvest and have fresh greens at your home and that means zero miles to your plate. Simply, no travel time means it is more nutritious than any conventional or organic produce available to you today.  So, if you have 30″ of space inside or outside on a patio, terrace, rooftop, or parking space than you or your business can have an aeroponic tower garden.  No gardening experience necessary!  It is a smart choice environmentally and economically.

Your success is our success. You can Order your Tower Garden Here and we can ship strong and healthy Seedlings directly to your door, and link you to helpful  Tutorial Videos and Educator Resources. In addition we offer a simple service plan for those individuals and organizations who own a Tower Garden(s) and prefer we do the maintenance.

For more information regarding service plans, please e-mail Eleanor Perry at [email protected]

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How Tower Garden Works

Growing Has Never Been so Fun:




Clean Greens

Wendy with Vertical Towers

Nutrient Dense

Fresh Food

Non-GMO Seeds

Planting Seeds

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