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Seeding Change.

Allison RobbinsMaking our local food systems more resilient is a team effort, requiring support and motivation from many sources.  We are determined to demonstrate that vertical urban farming can help educate and feed those who may not typically have the means to grow their own food. We see the potential to teach people and to have access to fresh food right where they live.  If you are interested in incorporating urban farming into your own program, we would be happy to set up a visit for you.  Our current non-profit projects were donated through a partnership with the Robbins Nest Advisory Fund. Its founder, Allison Robbins, sister of Tracey Westbrook, established the fund in 2013 so her legacy of giving back would continue in perpetuity to those less fortunate than she.   These gardens are beautiful, full of life and have as much of an impact as Allison did.

Contact us and find out how you or your organization can come grow with us.

Dig Local received a grant from the Robbins Nest Advisory Fund to open and operate the Atlantic Beach City Market which gives Mayport and Atlantic Beach residents access to fresh and affordable produce.

Current Farms and Initiatives:

“Have you noticed something new sprouting up in our Y’s? Those vertical growing systems are part of SEEDifferently, an initiative of the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast and Atlantic Beach Urban Farms.  We are cultivating passion about Urban Agriculture to create jobs, educate youth, improve public health and empower communities.  Together, we hope to inspire communities to grow their own food  and see the untapped potential in all of the unused spaces around them.”

George Babish
Senior VP, YMCA of Florida’s First Coast

North Florida School of Special Education


“North Florida School of Special Education’s Berry Good Farms is a vocational training program for young adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Last year, Atlantic Beach Urban Farms donated a commercial 10-tower farm, which added to the on-trend methods of farming that our students are being exposed to in their training. The produce grown is used in our culinary arts program and will soon be offered for sale on our new food truck.”

Melanie Jensen
Director of Development,
North FL School of Special Education



“BEAM is a non-profit that operates two food pantries in the beaches communities of Jacksonville and provides the equivalent of more than 500,000 meals each year to those in need in our community. Last year we added a 10-tower vertical growing system donated by Atlantic Beach Urban Farms. Our new aeroponic farm is growing outside year-round in Florida. The addition of these vertical growing systems has increased our capacity to feed the hungry enormously. We see this as real solution to hunger in an urban setting and hope to be a model for other food pantries.”

Mary Ellen Waugh Garden
Manager, BEAM

U.S. Green Building Council

“The USGBC has its first LiveSMART Mobile Unit in Jacksonville – taking green building and sustainability education to the community with a “green home on wheels” trailer to large events, schools, and business campuses with the goal of reaching 30,000 people per year. Our aeroponic tower is a rolling display that will be featured at each event.”

Sarah Boren
Executive Director
USGBC, North Florida

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