aboutusThis is an exciting time in Northeast Florida—a time when individuals and organizations are rallying behind urban farming as a place-based solution to serious issues including hunger, teen involvement, job training and food deserts.  At Atlantic Beach Urban Farms, we are investing in vertical farming that can be used in urban areas, schools, vacant lots and other non-traditional spaces.

How do we do it?

  • We learn how other communities and organizations have instituted urban farming
  • We bring together local organizations who have mission-specific reasons to be involved
  • We tap into resources that can help us collaborate—such as the Clinton Global Health Initiative and The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida
  • We use technology—vertical farming—to reduce the obstacles that sometimes come with traditional, acreage-based farming and get closer to our vision of food equality

Northeast Florida has a history of moving big issues forward collaboratively. We believe that the organizations and people who are involved with our community will help us develop a plan which will move us and our city toward a sustainable and healthy future.