Almond Infused Raw Wildflower Honey


Backyard Beekeeping combined Wildflower Honey from their family’s beehives with Slivered Almonds to create a truly delectable treat!

Influenced by the nectar of California wildflowers, this honey has a mellow and easy-going multi-floral flavor that is excellent when paired with morning croissants, poured over seasonal fruit, or simply by itself!

Raw, USA Honey: They guarantee that their honey is 100% raw, Grade A honey, sourced exclusively from their family’s beehives in California.

All natural honey may crystallize over time. To decrystallize, you can take the top off of your jar and stick in a warm water bath. Repeat until the honey is liquefied. Or, place your jar on a piece of tin foil and leave in a sunny spot until the honey returns to a liquid state.”

1/12oz Jar

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