Fourme D’Ambert


1/4oz Wedge

This cheese is in rare Fourme. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk in Auvergne, each wheel of this little Frenchie is formed from unpressed curds inoculated with a less spicy blue mold than that of its cousin, Roquefort. Hand-selected from the cheese maker, these wheels have a velvety mouthfeel full of sweet cream and an earthy, mushroomy roundness that will convert even the staunchest blue cheese hater. Add Tawny port and fresh pears, and you’ve got dessert.

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Mimolette’s striking appearance may remind some of a cantaloupe but it is actually a French copy of Edam.  Dyed a deep orange color & allowed to form a natural rind, it is a wonderful cheese to have on any cheese board.  Firm though surprisingly creamy texturally, Mimolette has a mild & smooth flavor becoming subtly sharp towards the end