White Truffle Salami


There’s nothing more decadent than white truffles! This coveted White Alba Truffle Salami is made with 100% Berkshire Pork Meat and includes 5% White Truffle from the Alba region of Italy. Seasoned with Grappa and White Peppercorn, the combination is nothing less than dreamy. Your taste buds will tingle at the first bite!

What Separates Angel’s Salumi From the Rest?
All meats used for our salumi are certified antibiotic-free, steroid-free, and free of growth hormones. Our game meats are guaranteed to be free range, cage free, or wild. For us to create high-grade products, we start with the finest quality ingredients directly from the source. Our artisanal products are made with the finest natural meats available and enriched with nuances of European and Mediterranean flair. With every taste, you’ll encounter the history of passion and the years of dedicated worldly experience that goes into each product.

6oz/171g EACH

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