Crisp, Nutritious and Bursting With Flavor.

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We are longtime beaches residents with a passion for growing only the cleanest, most delicious and sustainably grown food. We operate an urban farm located in Atlantic Beach, Florida and grow in a climate-controlled, pristine greenhouse, 365 days a year. We use aeroponic technology to produce a large volume of food in a small amount of space and teach individuals and community organizations how they too can grow their own food right where they live and operate.

We hope you enjoy eating our greens as much as we enjoy growing them.

Our Produce

The #1 Aeroponic Farm on the First Coast


  • Crops are Picked at Peak Flavor and Always in Season
  • Shorter Time between Farm to Table, Means Superior Taste and Nutrition
  • Trust and Know Who Grows your Food


  • No Chemicals, Pesticides or Herbicides
  • Always Safe to Eat and No Washing Required
  • Non-GMO Seeds


  • 90% Less Water and 90% Less Land than Traditional Agriculture
  • Less Resources and More Taste
  • Produce You Can Feel Good About

Grow Your Own

Bringing the Farm to You

Home is where the health is! Who said that home gardens meant you have to get your hands dirty? Keep your greens greener and your green thumbs cleaner with your own vertical aeroponic tower. These enclosed soilless systems utilize 90% less water, 90% less space and 100% less mess than traditional gardens.


  • Encourage a Healthier Home
  • Enjoy Beautiful Fresh Greens All Year Long
  • Teach Healthy Eating In Schools and Classrooms
  • Create a Unique Restaurant Atmosphere
  • Homegrown bouquets as unique hostess gifts and tablescapes

Giving Forward

Our Passions & Projects

Making our local food systems more resilient is a team effort, requiring support and motivation from many sources.

We see the potential to demonstrate that vertical urban farming can help educate and feed those
who may not typically have the means to grow their own food.

If you are interested in incorporating urban farming into your own program, we would be happy to set up a visit for you.

Event Space

Plant the seeds for a fresh event at Atlantic Beach Urban Farms.

Book now to experience the rustic elegance of our farmhouse event space.